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Considering Supporting Our Powerful Work? Here’s Why You Should.

We view every contribution we receive as so much more than money. To us, it’s fuel. Working in tandem with our passion for creating change in 1COMMUNITY, your donations help keep the fire of progress burning, and that’s more valuable than dollars and cents could ever quantify. That’s why every donation matters to 2LEAGUE NAME. When you donate to 3LEAGUE NAME, you’re helping us empower local women to create positive, lasting societal change in 4REGION.

Your Donations Make a Local Impact.

5LEAGUE NAME is committed to maintaining our promise of good stewardship, which begins with transparency, openness, and a proactive approach to sharing the direct impact of the contributions we receive. Currently, we are working with community partners throughout 6REGION to address and solve pressing issues like 7CURRENT FOCUS 1 and 8CURRENT FOCUS 2. Your contributions help our progress build momentum.

For over 100 years The Junior League has been helping to lift people out of poverty, community by community. Our history is strong, and you’ve helped to make that possible.

Help Us Confront 9REGION’s Most Pressing Issues, Head On.

As just one of 291 Leagues in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and the U.K., we have the unique privilege of watching over 140,000 women take similar action within their own communities. This unending source of inspiration provides us with a powerful depth of knowledge and motivation to bring about the changes we strive to accomplish. Your contributions help make this work possible.

Donating is Safe, Simple, and Secure

When you choose to donate to 10LEAGUE NAME, feel confident that your personal information is safe. All donations are processed through a secure portal, so you’ll never have to worry about privacy.

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How Much Should I Donate to 11LEAGUE NAME?

Every amount matters, but in our League, a gift of 12AMOUNT helps to 13EXAMPLE IMPACT. Your donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law, and our tax ID is 14TAX ID.

Consider a Tribute Gift

Giving a gift in tribute to a loved one is a beautiful way to honor their legacy of community service, charity, and altruism. We welcome and appreciate tribute gifts of any amount.

Ways to Give

To donate by mail, please mail your check payable to: 15LEAGUE NAME, ADDRESS

To make a donation online, please access our donation form 16HERE. Please consider joining our monthly giving program by checking the appropriate box on our donation form.

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To find out if your company has a matching gift program, please contact your Human Resources department.

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